In February 1998, ownership of the Epic trade marks, brands and assets past from the conglomerate of which it was a division, to a focused, strategic alliance. Thus the "new" independent Epic Foods (Pty) Ltd was born. We welcome you to the new Epic Foods: Absolutely dedicated to a heritage of quality and integrity, proud of our new alliance and determined to rise to every challenge. Our vision is to be a successful household brand name in the food industry, by becoming a purchaser and supplier of choice, thereby bringing value to our customers, employees and shareholders, indeed to all our stakeholders. Our philosophy is to focus strongly on brand building, by marketing a range of high quality products that offer superior value for money to our customers. Epic Foods head office and factory in Aeroton.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility:

We are committed to business practices of the highest moral norms and standards. Our social responsibility in the new South Africa, through small business development assistance, youth sport sponsorships and financial support for community development programmes

World Class Quality:

We are determined to deliver products and services of consistently high quality, which offer value for money to customers and consumers, through the application of world class innovative thinking and actions

Customer Focus:

Our top priority is to listen to our customers and to delight them by exceeding their needs and expectations

Stakeholder Value Creation:

We aim to add value for all our stakeholders through forming strategic partnerships across the entire supply chain

Quality Assurance:

    We understand that our customers deserve the highest quality products. That's why we're dedicated to maintaining rigorous quality standards at every

stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that every bite is a delight.

   Transparency and Traceability:

 In an age where consumers demand transparency, we're committed to providing clear, and accurate information about our products.

From sourcing ingredients to production processes, we prioritize traceability to build trust with our customers.

Customised Solutions:

   We recognize that every customer has unique needs and preferences. That's why we offer customized solutions, whether it's developing new products,

 adjusting recipes, or accommodating special dietary requirements.

 Continuous Improvement:

 Our journey towards customer satisfaction is ongoing. We actively seek feedback, listen to customer concerns,

and strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations, from product development to distribution.

   Safety and Compliance:

 The safety of our customers is paramount. We adhere to strict safety and regulatory standards, ensuring that our products meet

or exceed all applicable requirements for quality, hygiene, and food safety.