To what dietary standards to Epic products conform? 

All of our products conform to both the Muslim and Jewish authority food standards (ie. all of our products are both Halaal and Kosher)


Can Epic products be consumed by Jewish people during Passover? 

Yes, Epic Foods (Pty) Ltd is the only South African manufacturer, which has been appointed by the 

BETHDIN to manufacture margarine, oils and vegetable fats for consumption over Passover. 


How do I know that a margarine tub or Epic Dip has not already been opened by someone else?

Epic tubs feature tamper-proof lids and seals, ensuring you that the product is in the same condition as when it left our factory.


How can I be sure that the Epic product I buy is fresh? 

Epic products are date stamped with both the date manufacture and the expiry date, by looking for these dates on the products, 

you are assured freshness.

Should you find that goods are still on the shelves past their expiry dates, please contact us with the relevant store name.


How environmentally friendly are the containers and packaging, which Epic uses? 

Our cardboard boxes are al recyclable and our plastic tubs are re-usable, making them kinder to the environment.